Underwood Farms- Part II

This is the second part of our Underwood Farms adventure. We picked quite a variety of food and honestly, if you live within a 20 mile radius of the farm, it’s worth the money in gas. Blackberries were $1.99 a POUND, raspberries $2.49/lb, heirloom tomatoes $2.49/lb, I can go on. Each kid picked their own container of raspberries and blueberries, I picked a huge head of lettuce, a container of heirloom tomatoes, and everything all together was something like $9. Greta of course would come back from her picking adventure down each aisle with a completely empty container. She ate everything she picked. Literally, everything. Warning: lots of photos below.

This is the little building where you checked the per pound prices and got your containers/bags for picking.

They even have these fantastic wagons you can use to pull all your produce and lazy children in. Thanks for meeting us guys!

These lips are a tell tale sign of dipping into the blackberry bush.

One thought on “Underwood Farms- Part II

  1. Ok – MUST have that picture of the ‘gang’ and the one Andrew/Connor (looks like he was eating his ‘pick’ too!) with Gunnar/Greta. So did you have to weigh Greta after you were done to see how much she ate!!!??
    The pics of that day are gorgeous; all the colors are so vivid. No wonder you and Connor love taking pictures! Ciao

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