weekending and a big milestone

This weekend has been pretty eventful so far. Not so productive, but hopefully it will be productive this evening. Jane and family are coming out for the evening and we have a little crafty night of putting my sister’s baby shower invitations together. Aaron had to work til almost midnight Friday night while I stayed home and drained our dvr. Saturday we attempted service in the rain and then a congregation picnic followed by a big important event in my daughter’s life! Her first Trojan football game! That is a huge thing in this family. I grew up going to college football games and my boys now enjoy it, and well, it was Greta’s turn. I figured she’d only last til halftime but she was a trooper. She was screaming and cheering and enjoying the tasty ballgame treats. Unfortunately we lost by 1 point. On the way home she repeatedly said, “mama, I really wanted the Trojans to win, can they PLEASE win next time?” Fight on my little Greta! Fight on!

Here’s a few photos from my iphone. Gunnar thought it was crucial that he explain what was going on to her, thus the chin holding toward the right direction.

She understood the whole cheering part quite well. The guys around us were pretty proud of her. This is her yelling, BEAT. THE. HUSKIES!

And a quick video. I love how at the end Gunnar gives her an arm shove to make sure she’s watching the field for the kick. And, yes, my dad has ridiculously good seats. He’s had these same seats since before I was born. It’s all about the loyalty.


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