Sixty Years

In July my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. My parents and aunts and uncles threw them a party in August to celebrate. Definitely something to be celebrated. Sixty years. I can’t even fathom that. They’re amazing. Aaron made a great video in honor of them with photographs from their childhood up to present day. We always joke that they’re the Constanzas from Seinfeld, and so he plugged in a clip from an episode that had all of us rolling! Here’s some of their reactions to the video.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard my grandfather laugh so hard in my entire life.

Here’s my mom’s side of the family that all live locally, minus one cousin. To think over 40 years ago they came out from New York and created all this.

And this night was the last time the 5 of us have been in a photo together. So happy I use bribery and punishment to make everyone cooperate.

3 thoughts on “Sixty Years

  1. Bravo to my son-in-law’s video talents. USC has a school for films he can go to. Wonderful party, if I do say so myself. hehehe

  2. 60 years – that is so awesome! Please tell them congratulations for me! I would love to see the video. Is it online anywhere? Would they mind.
    Love all y’all, Tracie

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