Greta’s little friend Estella had an adorable tea party a few weeks ago, I managed to take only a few photos before my camera died on me. I didn’t get any of the Bubbologist(sp?). They had this guy come and he studies bubbles is what I grabbed from the name and the kids were enthralled. He did some cool tricks with bubbles, and even wrapped each kid inside a bubble. Then he laid out little pools all over in the backyard with huge wands and bubble toys. The kids had a ball, and I have never heard of this type of party entertainment, but it was a huge hit. Especially since it was a warm day. The kids were in heaven.

The excitement for Greta began on the day she received the invitation personally dropped off by her little friend and her mama. There was a tea bag with all the party info printed on the side of the tea bag and it was in it’s own tea cup with Greta’s name on the side. The instructions were to bring the tea cup with you to the party.

When you first arrived there was a little wooden letter with each kid’s first letter of their name and the kids got to decorate them. Such a great idea.

and once the kids decorated theirs.

The food dessert and drink table was so cute. And the kids had little grilled cheese triangles for lunch along with fruit cups and cheese squares.

Needless to say it was an awesome tea party and I loved every single one of the details!


4 thoughts on “tea

  1. What a precious idea. Greta looks so sweet holding her tea cup. Too much fun. Give her a big hug kiss from her Great Aunt Tracie (who she has no idea is – haha)

  2. Hi again! After I saw this picture, I remembered that I have a tea set that I have since I was about 6 years old. It is the Blue Willow Pattern. Seeing as I have two boys, I don’t think I will be using it anytime soon (not even for grandchildren, thank goodness)., Though I do think I snuck in a tea-party once when the boys were really young! Do you think Greta would be interested in it? I would love for her to have it, if she is. the only caveat would that I would like to stay in the family. So if this system goes on (noooo) and she outgrows it you can hang on to it for YOUR grandchildren or Jessica’s or McKenna’s, etc.
    What do you think?

  3. wow! who needs birthday or holiday parties when you have this! come to think of it, i might want the bubble guy to work at one of my cocktail parties. might loosen things up…

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