shower detail- presents

I can’t believe the little bean’s shower is just a few weeks away. I’ve been busy safely putting away favorite things I’ve come across the last few months as part of my present. A few items will stay a surprise, but I can share with you some of the items. I decided to put together a “favorite things from Zia” gift. These are things every little boy needs to have. Especially my nephew.

First. These booties. To. Die. For. I can’t handle them. Her work is so beautiful, the quality, amazing. I’m actually debating whether I should pick up a pair of the moccasin booties too.

Next up. Shape sorter. Of course it has to be wooden and I’m a big fan of all things Melissa & Doug.

Books. You can never have too many books and that is one thing I can never say no to my kids, who says “you have enough books”?! Never! So I decided to put together a little library of must haves for Romeo’s room. Here is just a sampling of what we have picked up.

The rest will remain a little bit of a surprise. But I’ll share them with you after the big day. Oh, and I got to see the little bean in 4D on Monday. He’s beautiful, just perfect. And I think he has my eyebrows. Can’t wait to hold you!



2 thoughts on “shower detail- presents

  1. Ahhh hormones! Y do I tear up every time u write about him? It really is countdown. Carl told me yesterday 9mnths is just wait too long to wait! Lol—- Tati

  2. Hey, are you and your mom going to leave anything for the rest of us to buy!!!! You stole almost all of my favorite books, but now that I think of it, I have one YOU didnt show and I’m not going to tell you! hah! Can’t tell that you’re excited or anything about Baby Real. Love it. 🙂

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