Homemade Peppermint Bark

I got it in my head that I was going to learn how to make peppermint bark. I love to eat it and I figured it would be one of those good staples that you just should know how to make. Like pasta. Well, maybe not like pasta, but like scrambled eggs, which I recently learned to make as well.

I used this recipe for the peppermint bark which is from Bon Apetit. It was very step involved, but now that I made it once I think it’ll be a breeze to do again. But next time I am doubling the recipe. It was delicious. I mean DEELICIOUS! Be sure you read through the recipe and get the right white chocolate, cocoa butter in the ingredients is a must.

I smashed the peppermint candies using the corner of a can and then the kids went to unwrapping the candies, you’ll end up with a bowl looking like this.

I used my handy dandy chocolate melter to melt the white chocolate while the kids were unwrapping the candies, then I poured it out just like the directions stated and marked off a 9×12 area. Once I poured the white chocolate onto the sheet, I followed with peppermint candies. This would be your first layer.

While that was chilling in the fridge I chopped up the chocolate and then heated the ingredients for the next layer over the stove.

The dark chocolate mixture becomes your next layer, and while that is chilling you melt the rest of your white chocolate.

The white chocolate and peppermint candies become the last layer, and you chill one final time before you chop it up.


Nykiel Family

This was my third time photographing the Nykiel family, and it was such a beautiful day. Beautiful family. Beautiful weather. Beautiful photo shoot. They had grandparents from both mom and dad’s side visiting from Europe and I felt like I just tagged along for a little hike near their house. It was my kind of photo shoot and as I was snapping away all I kept saying to myself over and over again was how much this little boy is loved. You can see it in everyone’s interactions with him. He is a well loved and special little boy. I make sure whenever I am photographing little ones, especially in the 1-3 year old range, that I make friends first and foremost with them. However long it takes to warm it is fine by me. But it’s crucial otherwise I cannot do my job because they are uncomfortable, unhappy, and just not themselves. I can assure you this little boy was totally himself. And I loved it. He blew me away, he understands THREE languages! Dutch, spanish and english. I died with laughter when we were passing the parking lot and we yelled out, AUTO! AUTO! Too cute.

If you’d like to see more of this particular photo shoot head on over to my Photography Blog for a slew of other shots from this day.



These items had me drooling this week. . .

Check out this iPhone 4 case! Genius! I want one. Especially since last month I upgraded to the iPhone 4. For the photo and video alone it’s worth it!

The cutest thermos I ever did see.

I wasn’t fast enough for this throw. My living room needed it too.

I’ve searched for a perfect sized rug to place in front of my kitchen sink and I think I may just go with this bathmat, perfect size and color. And it’s washable.

Since I’m on a green kick. This is so adorable!

convos- always entertaining

Driving home one Thursday evening, the boys were particularly loud. Particularly Sawyer was particularly loud.


Me: Greta. You can’t just say something like that, you have to specifically tell someone what they are doing that is annoying you. Otherwise that person won’t know what they are doing wrong. This would be better, “Sawyer, you are annoying me when you…  and then fill in the blank”

Greta: Sawyer. You are annoying me when you breathe.

A few days later, at lunch.

Greta: Mama, will it take forever for me to be an adult?

Me: No, just 15 years.

Greta: (sigh)

Me: Why are you in such a hurry to be an adult anyway?

Greta: Because I really want a baby.

wacky hair day

My kids’ new student council has brought back “spirit days” so they are enjoying all kinds of fun at school, pajama day is coming up, and a few weeks ago was wacky hair day. Anything was cool, basically if you could make your hair do or look like anything, it was game. My boys were dead set on green hair so Aaron went out late the night before tracking down some green hair spray/paint. They were quite thrilled with the result, but for weeks after I was washing green off their scalp. I called them by little oompa loompas. And yes, this is exactly how green it was in real life, no photo touchups.


We have for sure done our fair share of baking so far. This was our loot after baking supply shopping one morning last week. From this stash we made chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzels, peppermint bark and marshmallows covered in caramel, chocolate and sprinkles/peppermint candy. Divine! Here’s photos on how we made the chocolate covered pretzels. So easy I don’t think I can honestly call it baking since all we did for this was melt chocolate.

Years ago, probably 8 or 9, my mom bought this chocolate melting thing from QVC. It’s awesome and we still use it all the time. It’s wonderful, it has a high and a low switch and that’s as simple as they come. After melting the chocolate, the kids took pretzels one at a time and dipped half of it in the chocolate then came over to the sprinkle sprinkling station and then we placed them on wax paper. All 150 of them.

Viola! I told you it was easy. Something about the salty and the sweet mixed together tastes oh so good. It was a fun and very simple afternoon baking project we did that the kids enjoyed. Next up, how we made homemade peppermint bark!

A little facelift

My photography site got a little facelift this week. I really love my site provider and after a few frustrating emails to fix some layout questions I had, voila. All done and spruced up for the new year. I am really wanting this space to get a facelift but WordPress is not so exciting in their template area, and I can’t really justify paying a separate provider to provide templates that work with WordPress since this blog doesn’t really earn me any money. But I’m on here the most so I wish it was prettier to look at, know what I mean? Any ideas?