Sewing Project- Baby Gifts

No, these aren’t for sweet Romeo. But I have another friend who is due in a few weeks with a baby boy and I couldn’t leave her out of the homemade goodies. She doesn’t check the blog too often so I’m crossing my fingers I can get these to her on Saturday before she peeks on here and it spoils the surprise. She did request a tie onesie for her little man. The owl snap shirt is just something I kind of came up with and I’m so happy with how it came out. She tends to have babies on the large side so let’s hope baby number #3 can fit into it!

I used a sewing machine for the tie onesie, backed with a piece of felt that is just slightly larger than the fabric for the tie so you see the contrast between colors and it makes it hold it’s shape a little bit better. And the owl was just hand sewn, nothing really fancy. Just felt and embroidery thread and buttons for eyes. Her baby boy will also be receiving a pair of these. To. Die. For.


3 thoughts on “Sewing Project- Baby Gifts

  1. you were right about me not checking this very often! sheesh, my little guy is 4 months old! 🙂 and i still have these lovely gifts 🙂 although he doesn’t fit the owl one anymore obviously. so sweet of you to have done this for us with all you had going on. ❤
    i actually dropped in here because i was looking for some links to other websites that you liked (i thought there were on here but now i can't find them) anyhow, one of the links was a before/after site with peoples bedrooms and such (which is were i saw those built in book shelves i sent you the picture of that i want for my bedroom)
    ok, well as much as i love dropping in on your life (present and past!) i gotta get back to reading the hunger games! 🙂
    love you!

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