in case you’re curious…

this is what it looks like when your juices are delivered. They come in a cute cardboard box with reusable ice on the bottom. Each day’s juices are delivered like this to ensure their freshness. And I took an upclose shot of all the juices so you can see what it is I was drinking. Aaron finished and I’m so proud of him! He really struggled but I think he is glad he did it. Our bodies reacted a little differently. He was still hungry all day today whereas my second day I wasn’t. And he felt weak ending his first day whereas I had my burst of energy and endorphins. I think he could probably use one more day on the cleanse but he’s anxious to eat breakfast. We both thought the almond milk was liquid gold. It tasted amazing! Almost as if they know you need one last boost to keep the hope alive right before bedtime. It’s made with sea salt, almonds, dates, and vanilla bean, pure heaven! Alright, enough cleanse talk! Back to normal playtime fun. If you have any questions about it just email me.



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