golden globes

Where have I been? I didn’t know they were going to be on until Sunday morning?! I taped it and then watched it late last night. Oh, do I love me a good award show. I was surprised that Social Network swept the awards, but I did love the movie, so I am not complaining. And is it just me or did Jessie Eisenberg look kinda hot?

I loved the dresses, and thought the ladies looked beautiful.

Some favorites:

Olivia Wilde- Although I loved her dress I did think it was more Oscar worthy than Golden Globes, but gorgeous nonetheless.

Mila Kunis- stunning

Sandra Bullock- I thought her hair and makeup had a beautiful 60s vibe to it, and I thought she looked gorgeous. I am always amazed by these women who can completely transform themselves every few years and look great along the way.

Angelina Jolie- seriously, can she ever NOT look gorgeous and natural and fresh? Loved the color, loved the cut. So classic and timeless. And I loved that her hair was down and simple and not fussy.

Anne Hathaway- gorgeous, fresh, perfect color, perfect hair with her dress. Just beautiful.

Some misses to me:

Eva Longoria- I like the top half, but I am so over her wearing the mermaid bottom, and it’s just way too much dress for someone of her stature.

Michelle Williams- eh.

Tilda Swinton- I have nothing to say.

Jennifer Lopez- I hate the sheer poncho and I think if she had left it at home the dress would’ve been beautiful. And I’m not a fan of her pony tail, I feel like we’ve seen it so many times before.

Lea Michelle- all wrong. too much, too loud, too big.

Do you have any favorites? Any you hated?

4 thoughts on “golden globes

  1. Hello you forgot Natalie Portman. She looked LOVELY.

    I personally liked Michelle Williams. I think Sandra should have pulled her hair into a ponytail, big bangs and ponytail, the hair got in the way of the lovely dress.

    To me the hair was the issue with many of the people, loved the dresses not so much the hair.

    My favorite award show of the year.

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