Random Things

I forgot to post a few weeks ago that Gunnar had his allergy testing. Not much he ISN’T allergic too. Secretly, I was pleased that he too is allergic to dogs. No child to blame for having to give up Lola, so I feel better that they can’t be resentful of anyone in particular. I knew he was allergic to cats, but I was suspicious about seasonal allergies. I knew it had to be something, just not sure of what exactly. Well, we found out. Take a look at this poor boy’s back:

We have cats and dogs, weeds, grass, trees, dustmites, and a slight allergy to soy. Following this day I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and dropped a lot of money getting the boys’ room safe for Gunnar. I had to treat the entire room since they share it. All beds had to get dustmite covers, all pillows, I had to put in a Hepa filter as well to circulate the air every few minutes. I am good about washing their sheets weekly, but I have to add to it all stuffed animals and blankets every single week. Along with vacuuming their window treatments every couple weeks. For the next month the dr put him on allergy medication and after that we will try and wean him off. But the good news after all of this is the sniffles and red itchy eyes have vanished.

In more exciting news, we received yet another surprise package in the mail. This one, all about food! I have never tried Omaha Steaks before but we got a huge box in the mail from some friends who are contemplating a move to CA from NY. It was filled with filet mignon, sirloins, potatoes, and chocolate lava cakes. We will definitely be enjoying that!

Then on Tuesday I got a text message from a friend who was at Target and she spotted the perfect kitchen sink rug I have been looking for. And get this. It was $8.49. I quickly replied for her to BUY IT NOW PLEASE! Which she obliged. And now look at how happy my feet are when I am washing things in the sink. Actually, if I’m washing dishes my feet would be ON the rug more, but then you wouldn’t be able to see the pretty pattern.


I was so excited to receive this Tuesday night that the next day I got another one, this time in yellow for the boys’ bathroom. That’s happiness right there people. Pure joy.

And to throw in some further cuteness. Here’s Greta showing me here latest artwork. This involved fireworks, Rapunzel, a tree, lots of flowers, a sun, and other random goodies like a candy cane.

She wasn’t very happy that photo cut off the left side of her photo so we had to take another.

So we’ve covered Gunnar, a little Greta, a little home happiness, now Sawyer. He came home a few weeks ago with a little prize from their class prize box. It wasn’t Friday so I knew it had nothing to do with winning table points, so I asked him why he got to pick a prize. “Oh, it’s because I got the highest for fluency?” You got the highest for what? “For reading fluency Mama.” Oh, that’s great. “Yeah, you are supposed to read 30 words in a minute.” Oh, good for you! “No, Mama, that’s how many you are SUPPOSED to read in first grade.” Yeah, that’s great babe, 30 words in a minute!! “No Mama, I can read 226 words in a minute.” SAY WHAAAT? Just to double check I had to confirm with his teacher, and yep, 226 words a minute. I’m not even sure I read that fast. Granted, it was a first grade level excerpt that had about 70 words, and once they read it and still had time on the clock they continue to repeat the same excerpt until the minute runs out. That smarty pants boy. Love him. And I tell you, I would’ve been just as proud if he came home telling me it was 30 words. I just love that he loves to read. I can’t ask for anything better than that.



2 thoughts on “Random Things

  1. Wow…Gunnar too. 😦 I’m sorry, but now at least now you know and can do something to help them! Do you and Aaron have allergies too? I’m wondering if Sophie and Ethan have allergies. They cough at night and get the drips for no apparent reason. It’s obviously not as severe as Sawyer’s and Gunnar’s but I’m thinking it might be something.

    And double wow for Sawyer’s reading fluency! I just went back and looked at E’s first report from a few months ago and he’s at 101.5. Wonder what he’s at now. I love that they love to read. It’s awesome. Oh, I still have the Big Nate books for you guys! Did you see the B&N Groupon from last week? Can’t wait to use it. 🙂

  2. Freya- Definitely check out our allergy dr, she is wonderful, I’ll email you her info if you’d like. I was going mainly for Sawyer and had Gunnar tested as a side thought when really he is the one who probably has the worst allergies. Yes, can’t wait for the Big Nate books! I’ve been meaning to remind you, but I forget. I got that groupon too, thinking I may selfishly have to use it for myself though. 🙂

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