iphone love

Just some iphone photos I finally loaded. I feel like my phone needs a good clearing out but I don’t have the heart to delete some of them. Memories.

Here’s Romeo laying in his crib being bewildered by his crib bumper. I still am planning to photograph his nursery, just as soon as his mom and dad get it together and clean up in there. Just kidding, tired parents of newborns. 🙂

These flowers were left two weeks ago by a commercial shoot done in my home. Yeah, oops, forgot to mention that huh? We’ve been busy. They filmed a commercial for a pizza chain in our living room and kitchen. And after being gone for 10 hours we came home and there were flowers sitting on the island. I think they were used in the shoot and the stylist thought, why not leave them for the homeowners! It was a nice surprise.

Our library loot a few weeks ago. Since then half of these books have been returned and a few more were picked up.

Jenga love.

Wii dance party. Impromptu.

I can’t get enough of this guy. Taken during our Friday afternoon babysitting time. I have a feeling I’m going to like Fridays a whole lot more than I did before.

It takes teamwork. Calm it down people, that’s breastmilk in that bottle. 🙂


2 thoughts on “iphone love

  1. How did you come to have a commercial shot in your house??
    Desmonds buddy is so cute! They have the same dragon jammies 🙂

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