right now….

-enjoying the fact that we ate dinner in our backyard almost every night this week.

-nothing in the garden has died yet.

-appreciative Aaron picked up some valerian for me to try to help me sleep better.

-looking forward to a fairly mellow weekend.

-not excited but realize it’s necessary to meet over life insurance policies next week for Aaron and I.

-happy that my children are happy. nothing better than asking them how their day was and hearing “great!” as their answer.

-hoping my grandfather has a swift recovery from his surgery.

-feeling joyful as I watched my children voraciously consume dinner which was wild salmon, brussel sprouts, broccoli, fresh snap peas, fresh tomatoes, and whole wheat pita. they thought they’d died and gone to heaven. and so did I.

-looking forward to a date with my nephew this morning.


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