a little garden update

I have been a little nervous all week with the rain we had on Sunday and then again on Wednesday. But so far my plants have survived. I just thought I would do a little update. They deserve it, because they are still alive!

Our strawberries, the kids have been out there everyday checking on what they can pick and immediately eat. It’s a lot easier than I thought to grow strawberries, maybe next year we will give them a larger area.

Chives and onions. I love this little planter. I have another one, but that is empty, sadly, we ran out of soil before I could plant that one. And I’ve been too busy doing extremely boring stuff like amend my tax return. TWO hours of my life gone all because I forgot to include one little 1099 which in the end didn’t change our return a single dime, but still I figure I better amend it so they don’t think I’m trying to cheat them somehow. Oh, that and life insurance. See my very exciting life! Actually, the life insurance and money management thing is pretty thrilling. I will soon have a system people! A system!

All these photos are straight out of the camera, no editing. That’s really the color of the plants. As soon as it gets a little warmer, and drier, I can’t wait to try to make some compost tea. I have a feeling that my vegetable lovelies will be thrilled.

Not too much longer and I’ll be able to use the outside leaves of our lettuce plants.

Aaron made this little wire/wood trellis for our snap peas. I think they are quite happy with it at the moment.

The spinach is doing great as well. One of Gunnar’s favorite snacks is fresh spinach leaves wrapped around cherry tomatoes. Hopefully I can provide both of those items from this garden one day.


One thought on “a little garden update

  1. Great job! You guys are becoming masters. I love how you’re starting to think about devoting more space to growing food!
    Strawberries are a great border or container plant anywhere it’s sunny. Watch out for snails though…

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