a little bit of Gunnar

When I was creating Greta’s five year blog post, I came across a ton of old videos that kept me glued to the computer for days. Crying. Watching. Reminiscing. My babes are growing up. I put together this short clip of Gunnar to watch on Vimeo whenever I am missing him as a baby. I look at this 9 year old boy and wonder where the time has gone. I swear tomorrow he will be a teenager. When Gunnar was little he had quite his own language. You can see the difference if you watched the video of Greta at two years, and this is Gunnar at about 21-22 months old. Greta was quite articulate. Gunnar, well, at least I understood what he said. Most of the time. I love his little language and the kids love to sit around and watch this video and imitate the way he said things like ladder, and fireman, and popcorn. Cutest thing I ever did see.

This is from the time we moved in our house, before we remodeled. The first clip was on a Saturday morning and I was heading out the door for work while Aaron was prepping Gunnar for what they would see during a trip to the local fire station. Gunnar was obsessed with ALL things fireman related. And the second half of the clip is during dinner one night, I believe I was pregnant with Sawyer, but we didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl yet. Gunnar had just come home from a movie trip with Tati.

Watch. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/24702350]


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