Dylan’s Entrance to the World

I’m skipping Wordless Wednesday, but it will be back next week!

I don’t know where i’ve been, honestly I could’ve sworn I posted about this little boy’s birth, but I think in my late night delirium I only mentioned it. I took Stephanie’s maternity photos awhile back and was thrilled when she called to ask me to photograph the birth of her son. I was on pins and needles and finally got the call to head to the hospital late one Monday night. Unfortunately I arrived as they decided to do a c-section so I stayed with family members until it was time to meet Dylan. She really wanted to document the first time they met their son so she waited until I got to the recovery room and then they handed her her son. Really, there’s nothing more memorable than meeting your child for the first time. And to be able to document it and capture it for them to have for all time is so special to me. I am currently working on their birth video, similar to the one I created when my nephew was born. I have some more photos on my Photo Blog, but here’s a peak.


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