in the car…

Me: Let’s just have silence guys. From this point til the house, it’s about 10 more minutes, and I don’t want to hear a thing. No fighting, no complaining, no whining, no bickering. Just  s i l e n c e .

(15 seconds later)

Greta: Mama?

Me: No.

Greta: Mama?

Me: Is it an emergency?

Greta: Maybe.

Me: Is someone dying?

Greta: No.

Me: Is someone pooping?

Greta: No.

Me: Then it’s not an emergency.

One thought on “in the car…

  1. hahaha! I love it. I used to tell the boys at certain times that unless the house was on fire or someone was bleeding from the head, NOT to bother me. Worked most of the time until one day Connor came running in the house yelling my name. I was just about to utter those words when he yells “Andrew’s bleeding from the head!!!!” Ya just never know! (ever hear the story of the trash can racer? Ask Andrew! Classic story)

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