lemonade stand

We are having the kids annual lemonade stand this Sunday, the 24th. If you are in the area, or if you are not, and want to come, please come! It will be from 12-2pm, and we are serving freshly homemade lemonade, the real stuff, no store bought mix. AND homemade cookies. The kids look forward to this all year and you can see past lemonade stands here and here.

It is always lots of fun and this year we went all out. I made new banners and signs and even ordered special straws from Etsy to match the motif of the stand this year. Aaron has been brainstorming some pallet inspired lemonade stands (we’re all about the pallets lately). If you know where we live please swing by, and if you don’t know where we live but want to stop by, send me an email, amharju at gmail dot com. We are continuing with the kids’ spend/save jars. So they have to split it 50/50 into each jar. 50 cents for a cup of lemonade and 50 cents for a cookie. Where can you find that deliciousness in Los Angeles for that price!?


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