Kauai Day Four

For those asking about the beach house rental we had in Kauai, here’s a website where you can rent it. The name of the house is Paradisio Ho’o Kumu. It’s located in Poipu and on the beach.

Our fourth day in Kauai we spent the morning paddle boarding and playing at the beach. It was a lot of fun and a good workout.

This is the alarm clock in Kauai. Want. To. Kill. The. Roosters. Seriously, at 5am every day you hear roosters no matter where you are on the island. They are wild and come into your yard or driveway, hang around restaurants. They are basically Hawaiian pigeons.

In the afternoon we hung out by the pool and then took a little field trip with Papa to see Spouting Horn.

We got dressed for dinner and headed out to Jocelyn’s. It was Tapas style and the food was good, but I felt they were more concerned about presentation than service. It’s nice that the food looks good, but I’d rather have good food and have it not be so pretty than have not nice people waiting on us.

3 thoughts on “Kauai Day Four

  1. So, hi there! This is one of your many “sisters” from around the world, comin’ atcha from San Diego…a local sister sent me a link to you and I’ve been checking in sporadically ever since. I’ve pretty much quit reading blogs, but love to check in with yours since we have “certain things” in common 😉
    Makes it more interesting, no?
    Your family is so lovely and happy, and your posts on Kauai made me want to comment…we took our kids several months ago (North Shore) and it’s totally our happy place now. Planning annual pilgrimages back!
    I (sort of) blog…feel free to visit but prepare yourself to be unimpressed…I love doing it but it’s always last on my to-do list.
    Sorry for the long comment…enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. Thank you! I actually think I have bid on some of your mid century ebay items in the past! They are beautiful, and I always thought San Diego wouldn’t be too far to drive down to pick up an item. Such a small world! Well, thank you for checking in on my little blog and leaving me a comment. 🙂

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