El Capitan Theatre- Cars 2

Last month a friend of ours put together a big group of about 25 to see Cars 2 at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Can you believe it was my first time to a movie there? My kids were pretty excited because there was a whole after experience in the back of the theatre set up. It was nothing short of A-Mazing.

You were able to build lego cars and race them, there were huge trampolines and harnesses set up for jumping and flipping, a car you could paint, a huge tire play structure for climbing and playing in, and my personal favorite was the huge slide.

The 3D movie and the whole after experience was less than the price of taking the kids to the 3D movie at the local movie theatre because of the group rate. And because we went for the 4pm show it was empty. There were no schools or camps or field trips, so we basically had the place to ourselves.


One thought on “El Capitan Theatre- Cars 2

  1. I went for the first time last year when I took E to see Toy Story 3. It was awesome! And they had a whole set up in the lot behind! Definitely going back soon.

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