dinner harvest

This past week the weather has been just beautiful and we are dining outside as much as possible. I harvested quite a few tomatoes one day and was figuring a way to incorporate them into dinner before I ate them all as if they were grapes. Aaron was doing a stir fry so I knew I wanted to do something fresh and cold like a salad. I grabbed some basil from the garden and then scoured the fridge and pantry. Available was fresh mozzarella, a can of garbanzo beans, and the tomatoes and basil I had. So this is what I did.

I halved the tomatoes and chopped up the basil roughly.

I added a can of garbanzo beans and diced up the fresh mozzarella, which was a little difficult since fresh means not as firm as regular mozzarella.

I sprinkled some of my favorite spice mix from BLT. Hands down, best spice on anything and everything. And I am totally biased since it’s my favorite restaurant in L.A.

Next I mixed it all up, added some more basil for garnish, and voila.

We still are trying to eat most of our meals with majority fresh foods, and since we were having brown rice and chicken stir fry, Aaron cut up an entire pineapple for us to enjoy.


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