House Project- DIY Firepit

I spent many a nights researching fire pits this summer, and finally after reading all 366 reviews, we went with this one, which is on sale at the moment. It was the right dimensions, claims not to rust, which was my beef with the cheap Target/Ikea fire pits, and came with a rain cover. Not that we really get a whole lotta rain over here, but still. With the chairs complete and the fire pit put together, all that remained was getting together what was going to sit beneath the fire pit.

We looked and looked, we searched Pinterest, and finally we had an idea of what we wanted. But of course walking around Home Depot together, we came up with a different plan. We found bricks that were not as tall and your typical brick, and since we decided to use the brick as the border, the taller the brick meant the more gravel needed to fill it in. Beneath the brick Aaron used some sheet concrete, I think that’s what it’s called. At Home Depot you can find it right outside in long sheets that are 4×8 feet. He sliced one sheet in half and doubled it up for extra protection. All this is so no embers fall down under the fire pit and do damage to the ground. He used concrete adhesive for the bricks and then we bought 4 bags of river rocks and poured them in. The bricks were I believe $0.39 a piece, maybe $0.35, the bags of rocks were about $4 a bag, the sheet of concrete was $18 approximately, and the adhesive $8.

Here’s an iphone pic of the loot.

It was completed within an hour or so after we figured out the exact location where we wanted the fire pit and chairs to be. The glue dried that day and it’s ready to go. I will take another photo soon of all the chairs set up, with the stacked wood, I was waiting for my outdoor pillows to arrive from overstock and the delivery came yesterday. Yippee!

Our backyard is kind of a never ending project, but one day I hope it ends. 🙂 I still have some planters I’d love to plant but will probably save that for spring time. Also I have a vision of stringed lights but I have to wait for the money to be in the bank before I can purchase those babies. Until then we will be roasting some smores and enjoying just a little more outside time during these warm evenings.


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