bring it on november. we are ready for you. i closed out October throwing two kids their class fall celebrations, three back to back teacher conferences, and one second grader who is almost finished with his first official book report. and we’re talking all this in the course of 3 days. throw in there a foot ball game for gunnar and a field day for the two littles and a successful trip to the flea market, and there you have our weekend.

this fall project for sawyer’s class was a huge hit. parents were oohing and aahing over their kids’ awesome artwork and this is definitely a frame worthy project. and super cheap and easy to do. i didn’t have time to take photos during the art project because I was leading, but basically it’s easy peasy.

supplies are:

crushed leaves


black watercolor

watercolor paper

That’s it. You start with a half a spoonful of the black watercolor. I poured it in bowls and had spoons for the kids to use. One half spoonful was plenty. Pour it near the bottom of the page in a tiny puddle. Then use the straws to blow the watercolor upward and outward. This creates the trunk and the branches. Once you are satisfied with your tree, follow with white glue and leaves. You can make the leaves on the branches, falling from the tree, gathered on the ground near the base of the tree, etc. It’s really cool and kids can get really creative. Here’s Sawyer’s fall tree.

We had a delicious feast picnic style outside. Fall dishes that were a huge hit: apple cider, pumpkin muffins, zucchini bread, pumpkin cookies, sliced melon. We decided to do it as eco friendly as possible. We used melamine plates instead of paper goods, and toothpicks and finger foods instead of forks. It was very fun and the kids loved it.

Greta’s fall celebration thankfully was on a different day because there is no way I could do both in the same day. For Greta’s class, another mom led the craft which was very sweet. They painted wooden picture frames with leaves in seasonal colors. Then they came outside to enjoy a similar picnic style feast. Another mom snapped this photo because I was busy prepping the food table, but how happy does my girl look? Boy does she love school. And she sure looked forward to this class party all month long.

Hits of the day were the carrots with pea eye balls on top. Guacamole with homemade tortilla chips in the shapes of pumpkins, pumpkin bread, more apple cider, and apple slices dipped in caramel.



Hoping all of you have a wonderful weekend. FYI, it’s Old Navy’s stuff and save time, 30% off everything. I had no choice but to indulge, not for myself, but my boys have managed to lose almost every single hoodie that they own. And hoodies are THE ONLY type of sweater Gunnar will put on. It’s finally crisp and chilly here. In fact, the last few mornings I find myself huddled up against Aaron in bed only to find he’s cold and not the heater he normally is. It’s that cold when we wake up people.

Sawyer’s class is having his fall celebration today so I can’t wait to watch the kids do a fun autumn project that I have been gathering supplies for, and then watch them stuff their faces with goodies like apple cider, zucchini bread, pumpkin muffins, and other fall treats.

Crossing fingers I manage to get to a flea market on Sunday. It has been months since the last time I went and I have a sweet little stash of cash that I have been saving just for this occasion. Looking for nothing in particular, which is the best kind of thrifting.

And hoping the Trojans have a good game tomorrow so that all my men are in happy moods this weekend. Happy Friday!


blog love for My Life at Playtime

I always get a kick at how and from where my blog visitors find this little piece of us. Here’s some recent blogs that have featured My Life at Playtime.

New Life on a Homestead posted the boys’ pallet beds


All for the Boys which is an adorable blog for moms of little boys gave a shout out for our backyard fort

I don’t know the authors of these blogs, but stumbled upon their sweet affection for our little projects over here in this house.

outdoor cinema (aka backyard movie night)

The ingredients you will need for a successful fall outdoor cinema night may include:

a milk station for parched mouths

s’mores baskets for each family and a s’more station

plenty of camp blankets to keep you warm

a fire pit for roasting those s’mores

fresh popcorn for when the movie starts

a group of 25 kids who don’t get to see each other enough and enjoy impromptu pre-movie dance parties

and don’t forget to throw in a few edible babies to complete the night. oh and a screen, projector and great movie helps too.

*g list

Today I am grateful for…

-modern medicine and doctors, greta woke up one day last week coughing like a barking seal, no voice, and by the time she went to sleep later that night she was on her way to feeling better. thank you dr. ross

-my daughter receiving a play iron and ironing board and not knowing the purpose of these items

-an afternoon of homework minus the arguing

-boys who can spell really really well, which means no spelling test practices

-a good book

-a husband who didn’t let me wake up before 9am on sunday morning

-prospects of new lands and adventures to be had

-my husband receiving vacation time for our next two trips

-pumpkin muffins fresh out of the oven

what are you grateful for today?