outdoor cinema (aka backyard movie night)

The ingredients you will need for a successful fall outdoor cinema night may include:

a milk station for parched mouths

s’mores baskets for each family and a s’more station

plenty of camp blankets to keep you warm

a fire pit for roasting those s’mores

fresh popcorn for when the movie starts

a group of 25 kids who don’t get to see each other enough and enjoy impromptu pre-movie dance parties

and don’t forget to throw in a few edible babies to complete the night. oh and a screen, projector and great movie helps too.


19 thoughts on “outdoor cinema (aka backyard movie night)

  1. What a great idea! LOVED the bottles for milk! (where did you find them?) As usual no detail was forgotten. I loved the whole s’more station and how it was divided for families…plus-super cute blankets! I’m sure your guests had an amazing experience!

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  10. Great idea. Not sure I would give my kids glass bottles to drink out of in case they break on the patio. The baskets for the smores ingredients are great – sometimes our strawberries come in them from the farmers market. You could re-use those if they are in good condition.

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