Hoping all of you have a wonderful weekend. FYI, it’s Old Navy’s stuff and save time, 30% off everything. I had no choice but to indulge, not for myself, but my boys have managed to lose almost every single hoodie that they own. And hoodies are THE ONLY type of sweater Gunnar will put on. It’s finally crisp and chilly here. In fact, the last few mornings I find myself huddled up against Aaron in bed only to find he’s cold and not the heater he normally is. It’s that cold when we wake up people.

Sawyer’s class is having his fall celebration today so I can’t wait to watch the kids do a fun autumn project that I have been gathering supplies for, and then watch them stuff their faces with goodies like apple cider, zucchini bread, pumpkin muffins, and other fall treats.

Crossing fingers I manage to get to a flea market on Sunday. It has been months since the last time I went and I have a sweet little stash of cash that I have been saving just for this occasion. Looking for nothing in particular, which is the best kind of thrifting.

And hoping the Trojans have a good game tomorrow so that all my men are in happy moods this weekend. Happy Friday!



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  1. We are so spoiled Deborah. It’s not really THAT cold. We Californians are such wimps when it comes to the cold! Which flea market are you going to? Connor and I want to go to a few but can’t until December. Ciao

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