Here’s my Instagram’s from the week. Still. Obsessed. With. This. App.

1.10pm snack 2. library volunteering 3. cool doors 4. mood rings 5. family worship 6. dentist 7. look ma! 8. what i’m reading 9. potatoes 10. that is mashed 11. fancy dinner party with friends 12. the delicious turkey we enjoyed 13. happy bookshelves 14. a game of memory 15. reading material 16. breakfast in bed 17. banana muffins 18. a special black friday delivery 19. lunch date 20. 2nd grade art project. 21. laundry by fireside 22. back to ballet we go 23. inventory 24. kindergarten mosaic lesson 25. sweater booties 26. more baking 27. new scarf 28. dermatologist 29. homework 30. lunch date at our favorite french cafe 31. babysitting 32. saturday morning bundled up 33. sunday vintage 34. 2nd grade book author in the house 35. angry birds 36. rainy day reorganizing


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