week 4 in instagrams

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1.aftermath of chili night, not bad 2. shoes i have been hiding from greta 3. she found them 4. beginning of our family playdate 5. miniature golfing 6. with Jane 7. go kart racing 8. korean market field trip 9. mini potatoes 10. crafting 11. korean dinner 12. wii dance 13. pedi 14. aaron came bearing gifts 15. muffins 16. blog post 17. lazy morning 18. popcorn for 6 kids 19. lentil soup 20. bath time 21. movie 22. i only went for toothpaste 23. dinner 24. greta’s hair 25. 9am greta face 26. sawyer/mama special date 27. he made a list 28. hot chocolate. check! 29. and bought his sister a present 30. babysitting 31. dinner 32. he enjoyed it immensely 33. new read aloud book for the boys 34. good morning 35. palisades 36. his and hers 37. fuse bead saturday night party 38. lots of fuse beads, i should be thankful it wasn’t a cross right? 39. Treasure Island 40. partying it up nye on the couch 41. lunch date 42. at The Lobster 43. with my parents 44. spiny lobster for this kid 45. Runyon Canyon 46. our brave hiking group 47. don’t let that smile fool you, hardest hike of my life 48. see that mountain ahead, yeah to get down you keep going on the other side of it 49. lots of rock climbing 50. some smiles at the top 51. still have to get down though 52. you don’t go to Sprinkles after your hikes?


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