Winter Celebrations

The kids’ winter celebrations for their classes began with me meticulously planning out months ago how it would all play out. I was going to have Greta’s class party handled by another parent, and then that just left me with Sawyer and Gunnar’s and I figured I would have them on separate days. Piece of cake. Wrong. It just so happened that all 3 of their celebrations fell on the exact same day per the teachers and administration’s decisions. And Greta’s party took me coordinating with the other 3 kinder classes, organizing them for a pizza lunch, and gingerbread house making. I had my mom stand in for me with Greta’s during the gingerbread houses, and then I rushed over to her as soon as I finished the other boys’ parties. In Gunnar’s class I was running a hot chocolate bar while they made snow globes and then we had a pizza party for the entire 4th grade all together. So that meant kinder and 4th grade were both having pizza parties at the exact same time. That meant me being responsible for ordering lunch for 160 children. That’s a lot of pressure. I think I gave the owner of the pizzeria a heart attack that day. I informed him that if their pizza was 1 minute late there would be consequences. He knew I was serious when that morning my calls began at 10am, and continued every 15 minutes to make sure we were on schedule for an 11:30 delivery. He was sweating for sure when his delivery guy didn’t show up until 11:45, but aha that’s all planned out because I knew the delivery guy would not be there on time, I plan for these things. So at 11:50 when all the kiddies came out for their pizza party, the pizza was there. For Sawyer’s class I knew I would be super exhausted from the morning parties so I kept it simple. We planned for muffins and hot chocolate while making snowflake cards. It was a huge success and the kids loved it, the teacher loved the simplicity of it, and it was short enough where I could still catch the end of Greta’s party. The work for these parties oddly enough is not the day of, it’s the running around for supplies that takes so much work. For Sawyer’s simple party I still had to make several dozen muffins, pick up origami paper, print out snowflake making instructions for 24 kids, and get construction paper in a multitude of colors to make the cards, thank heavens another mom offered to make the hot chocolate and another mom also made some muffins for variety. For Gunnar’s I still had to purchase all the paper goods, hot chocolate supplies, and coordinate the potluck of drinks, salads, fruits, veggies, etc. See, a lot of work. The day of was still exhausting so please don’t be surprised that I have 2 photos to show for the whole thing. <sigh> I just hope my kids have some sort of recollection of these class parties when they are grown…


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