Instagram Recap





















































































































 movie date, Hugo, A-mazing flashcards 3.prepping to make kale chips 4.better than potato chips, no joke 5.2 minutes later 6.lunch date 7.dancewear 8.wish i had her hair worship night snack 10.happy 11.drums 12.ramen 13.kindergarten art lesson 14. happy boy him 16.homework woes 17.oven baked fried chicken 18.crazy hair day 19.tried to sneak away for some quiet time, guess who followed night fireside this necklace 22.started Downton Abbey season 1 23.working 24.library trip 25.nighttime snack of freshly baked bread and sun butter 26.more Downton Abbey 27.someone’s thrilled with the new Legos line 28.workout buddy 29.more homework


One thought on “Instagram Recap

  1. /what a good idea-the kale- I always grow it but have only used it for garnish. Do you just deep fry it? What about dip – or would Grampa just put butter on it? (just kidding)

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