our week through instagrams









































































































































1.10 yo’s favorite sack lunch 2.burn time 3.photo book arrival 4.and bother 5.tried shellac 6.greta’s new hip hop class 7.how aaron copes sitting next to his mother in law at family dinner? napkin in the ear 8.1st of several doctor appts 9.she likes to graffiti her homework 10.school clothes 11.burn 12.one of those days 13.single parent dinner…pitfire pizza 14.3 days in 15.twitter chat snacking 16.under the weather 17.kardashian marathon 18.cucumber snack 19.what a difference a day makes 20.$$$$ smile 21.expander 22.mama feelin real bad for her boy, yogurt it is 23.hate the first week of the month 24.playdate 25.stealing kisses 26.laguna tide pools 27.gorgeous day 28.greta teaching me how to draw an owl 29.thanks steph 30.practice 31.flipping through some old albums 32.my sister once had straight short hair 33.one more of the bffs


2 thoughts on “our week through instagrams

  1. Hello,

    I really enjoy reading your blog, I hope you’ll post a bit more, you inspire me a lot, thank you !

    Oh and as I really like reading those descriptions here, it would be really easier if they were under each picture, you see what I mean? Scrolling all the time, find the pics and the text again is a bit disturbing ahah. Nothing important tho, just sayin’ !

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