Sorry for the sporadic postings on the blog lately. February has flown by faster than I ever imagined possible. I don’t think there was a day that wasn’t filled. I think(and hope and pray) that March will be a breather for us. We spent the weekend prepping for house guests that are with us until next Monday, prepping our garden beds with fresh compost and soil, redecorating one of Greta’s walls(pics to come hopefully soon), along with all the normal cooking and cleaning and laundry, and throw in Aaron chopping wood and that is our weekend. I haven’t posted my Instagrams in 2 weeks, so I’ll have to catch up on that, maybe I’ll sneak on here one day and do that when the kids are in school. But other than that I don’t think I’ll be in this space much this week as we are entertaining friends from New York and keeping up with 9 people in one house is a full time job. Hope you all had a lovely long weekend!


5 thoughts on “sporadic

  1. Hello, Deborah! Speaking of composting, do you do composting with your kids? Any tips on how to keep pests away? I want to start a vegetable/ herb garden with the kids at school- the problem is composting. Do you use any special composting technique or just bury everything? Tips would be appreciated! Love ya, Kez

  2. Keziah- You’ll have to purchase/make a composting bin, it needs lots of air circulation and heat from the sun. The worms will find your compost bin and it’s their castings that make the soil so rich. Most important is to never compost dairy and meat and then that will prevent rodents/pests from wanting in. Keep it to just fresh veggie/fruit scraps, cardboard, leaves, tea bags, egg shells (rinsed) and you will be set. Starting it off with a bag of steer manure will help get it started. Most compost bins are dark green or black to attract the sun’s heat and keep it in. They have lids on them as well to keep everything else out. It took us about a year to get soil, so be patient. Have fun!!

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