we have moved!

Thanks so much for being patient with the unusually quiet blog space over here recently. But I have exciting and good news to share! It’s still a little bit of a work in progress but it’s far enough along that I can share with all of you. My Life at Playtime has officially moved. My new blog can be found now at www.mylifeatplaytime.com, pretty simple huh? All the archives of previous blog posts have been carried over, and there’s a search tab there that you can use if you have a keyword you’d like to search. I’m so excited I could burst! I have been thinking of doing this for a few years but the task seemed a little daunting. I took my time and learned most of it myself. The only thing I still have to figure out is subscribing to the blog. I have about 75 of you that like to receive an email every time I create a new post, and the RSS feed is set up but I have to add the option for subscribers. That’ll take  me a bit longer. I also need to add some new photos to my ‘About’ page, but they’re on their way and should be completed by the weekend. But head on over and check it out! This space will now be quiet and no longer have new posts featured on it. It’s been fun, but I’m ready for some new fun, so I hope you all join me!


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