Laguna Tide Pools

Such a favorite spot for our family, Laguna tide pools. We had a family playdate with Jane’s family. And it was perfect. Perfect weather. Perfect company. Perfect. The easiest way to describe how to get to the tide pools is to search for Las Brisas in Laguna Niguel. It’s a restaurant right on the water. There’s parking meters all over and once you park, head behind the restaurant and you’ll see a ramp and a flight of stairs going to the beach. At the beach, look to your right and there are signs for the tide pools. It’s such a great beach. You don’t have to walk a half mile to get to the water. I snapped these all with my iPhone. If I weren’t so lazy I would’ve even loaded Aaron’s iPhone photos, but I’m lazy. So there.


Vacation Movie

I finally sifted through all our footage of Mammoth, and got some shots from our friends to supplement my phone pics, so if it looks like it was taken without an iPhone, and you haven’t seen it posted on the blog before, I didn’t take the photo. Thank goodness someone documented it, or else the entire video would be instagrams. I tried to compile the video where there’s a photo of the kid before they ski or snowboard. Greta is easy to pick out because she’s in the polka dot jacket and on skis, but the boys are both snowboarding. You can tell it’s Sawyer because he is snowboarding in class, and the video of Gunnar snowboarding is with us. If it’s someone who is snowboarding very fast and looks like he could possibly incur injury, then that’s Aaron. I love the music for this video. In case you are wondering it’s Avalanche City, ‘Love Love Love’, and Mat Kearney, ‘Hey Mama’.



I warned you I didn’t take many photos. And I meant it. Here’s the ones I took. That’s it. Hopefully as soon as I see the photos from our friends’ camera I can have a little more variety to share with you all. But for now, enjoy the brief post. 😉

All set and ready to rock this road trip. On the way up Aaron introduced the kids to Napoleon Dynamite and then we listened to a few RadioLab podcasts. The kids loved them and I’m afraid we just created a new NPR junkie named Gunnar.

Red Rock Canyon. No matter how many times we drive through it, it always takes our breath away.

This next one was taken just a few minutes before I got pulled over for speeding. 😦 I really hate those little towns, Lone Pine, Big Pine, you go from a 65 speed limit, down to 45, 35, and sometimes 25, in a few seconds, then you may go back up to 35, and sometimes back down to 25, before boom it’s 65 again. Anyways, the cop was super nice and I asked him what the matter was, he said I was going 40 in a 25, I honestly thought it was 35, and I told him. I told him I have tried to keep it straight but the switch between all the signs is confusing. He agreed with me and told me to hand over my license. 😦 I looked at Aaron and wanted to cry. I mean if I’m going to get a speeding ticket, give me one on the highway where I’m going 85, not in this dinky town. After a few minutes he walked back to the car, handed me my license and told me to drive safe and enjoy our trip. He let me go!!! Love these dinky town cops. 🙂

After ski/snowboard school snacks.

I brought puzzles and crafts for the kids to do in the early evening, late afternoons, when I knew we’d be either conked out on the couch or trying to get dinner ready.

Heading home.

Family Playdate O’ Fun

We were pretty excited for this family playdate that we have been planning for awhile. For Aaron and David to both have the same day off from work and neither family to have pre-arranged plans was like the planets aligning. It was our turn to travel down south since they came up here twice recently. We weren’t complaining, a WHOLE day spent together? I’d drive anywhere. We started off the day with lunch at a really good ramen place in Irvine, followed by miniature golf and go kart racing, arcade, korean market shopping, crafting, and cooking and eating dinner all together, throw in there a few girls dressed up in their wedding gowns and taking turns marrying their father, and some Wii Dance, and that’s a really good day. A wonderful day indeed. I only have photos from the first part of the day, after go kart racing I was too busy having fun and beating everyone (Alissa thought she was safe choosing to sit in my go kart, huh, she was surprised when we smoked everyone). I did Instagrams of the rest of our day which I shared in a separate post awhile back. It was a big day of firsts. Aaron and Greta have never been miniature golfing or go kart racing. I only have photos of the kiddies in their go karts, Jane was safely protecting my camera when it was the adults turn to ride.

No, that’s not Katy Perry, it’s Greta. <sigh>

The girls took their go kart racing very seriously.

week 4 in instagrams

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 1.aftermath of chili night, not bad 2. shoes i have been hiding from greta 3. she found them 4. beginning of our family playdate 5. miniature golfing 6. with Jane 7. go kart racing 8. korean market field trip 9. mini potatoes 10. crafting 11. korean dinner 12. wii dance 13. pedi 14. aaron came bearing gifts 15. muffins 16. blog post 17. lazy morning 18. popcorn for 6 kids 19. lentil soup 20. bath time 21. movie 22. i only went for toothpaste 23. dinner 24. greta’s hair 25. 9am greta face 26. sawyer/mama special date 27. he made a list 28. hot chocolate. check! 29. and bought his sister a present 30. babysitting 31. dinner 32. he enjoyed it immensely 33. new read aloud book for the boys 34. good morning 35. palisades 36. his and hers 37. fuse bead saturday night party 38. lots of fuse beads, i should be thankful it wasn’t a cross right? 39. Treasure Island 40. partying it up nye on the couch 41. lunch date 42. at The Lobster 43. with my parents 44. spiny lobster for this kid 45. Runyon Canyon 46. our brave hiking group 47. don’t let that smile fool you, hardest hike of my life 48. see that mountain ahead, yeah to get down you keep going on the other side of it 49. lots of rock climbing 50. some smiles at the top 51. still have to get down though 52. you don’t go to Sprinkles after your hikes?

Instagram week 3























































































































































1. “mama, this is how french girls dress, so I’m going to wear this today” 2. besties day 3. for both of us 4. family dinner, no one wanted to cook 5. chow time 6. dentist office cleanings, for all 3 7. pressies i bought for myself 8. a game involving my 3 kids, a few shields and swords and an unsuspecting squirrel 9. twins 10. new poncho 11. movie time 12. daddy supplied crafting goodness for winter break 13. clients finished product from our photo shoot 14. kids’ annual art books 15. madewell, i could live in the store 16. first goal met, organized art closet 17. more daddy presents  of crafting goodness for the kids 18. finished craft “butterfly tiara” 19. first day of winter camp 20. december 23rd and 1 postal employee?? 21. gathering our mammoth gear together 22. anthropologie finds, thank you 50% off 23. chili supplies 24. friday dinner 25. along with a banana, blueberry and kale smoothie 26. romeo’s blog post 27. second goal met-organized sewing space 28. quite the face to wake up to on a saturday morning at 8am for babysitting 29. beautiful day in the palisades 30. my exercise buddy even if he did last only 10 minutes 31. saturday afternoon nap, he sure loves his uncle 32. dinner party with a red velvet cake 33. the girls partying it up 34. chili cooking begins 35. a sweet present to wake up to on a sunday morning 36. flower table settings for our chili night with friends 37. they’re getting longerrrr 38. chili fixings 39. a little MJ dance wii to complete the week



Princess Party all the way

A few weekends ago my friend Niki threw her daughter Molly a princess party. And I was extremely happy to hear that Greta decided to go as Alice, one more use for her Alice dress makes me feel less and less guilty about what my mother spent on it. The details of the party were so thought out and special. When the little girls were arriving they had a coloring table set up and then they enjoyed a sit down lunch, decorated mirrors, had a scavenger hunt and then each girl had her turn with the manicurist. Serious little girl heaven.