catching up through instagrams

at least I document my life somewhere right? even if instagrams is all it is. here’s the last few weeks in review. no pressure for you to actually read through these, it’s more for my documentation than anything else.

























































































































































1.library volunteer time 2.this is kim sober?RHBH 3.most uncomfortable waiting room bench ever 4.need this paper cutter in my house 5.crazy driver 6.skylander 7.focus group view 8.choosing books over tv 9.latte 10.bestie breakfast kids 12.romeo on the kinder yard 13.first fire station field trip for the little man 14.listening, sort of 15.with zia me some spray paint 17. orthodontist 18.yogurtland for first time 18.still in bed 19.these two love each other 20.reading 21.facetime before romeo’s bedtime 22.reading ramona the pest 23.peek into greta’s new shelving 24.and another prep work as a team chore 28.haircut 29.a little boy’s present to me 30.a yellow school bus 31.she has skillzzz 33.some peeks of our family photo shoot pit 35.craft bookmarks at the book swap thanks to tanya 36.the most delicious caramel sauce


our week through instagrams









































































































































1.10 yo’s favorite sack lunch 2.burn time book arrival 4.and bother 5.tried shellac 6.greta’s new hip hop class aaron copes sitting next to his mother in law at family dinner? napkin in the ear 8.1st of several doctor appts 9.she likes to graffiti her homework clothes 11.burn of those days 13.single parent dinner…pitfire pizza 14.3 days in 15.twitter chat snacking 16.under the weather 17.kardashian marathon 18.cucumber snack 19.what a difference a day makes 20.$$$$ smile 21.expander 22.mama feelin real bad for her boy, yogurt it is 23.hate the first week of the month 24.playdate 25.stealing kisses 26.laguna tide pools 27.gorgeous day 28.greta teaching me how to draw an owl 29.thanks steph 30.practice 31.flipping through some old albums sister once had straight short hair more of the bffs

Weekly Instagrams

































































































































































1.they are getting longerrrr 2.lunch date with a sick kid 3.checking out baldwin hills for a potential middle school site volunteer time 5.2nd grade math 6.nightly ritual 7.looking svelte 8.walking to school 9.solo lunch date with my pellegrino 10.ballet 11.torture 12.quinoa and a green smoothie 13.1/4 of the day’s laundry load 14.comic book store 15.fraction machine 16.hawaii blurb book arrived 17.writing 18.working 19.field trip to louise’s 20.delish pickup uniforms 23.dinner my burn on scored in clothes 26.lunch date with This American Life 27.friday cubby clean out yielded 5 water bottles and 2 sweaters 28.chillin in his cousin’s carseat 29.park time 30.swinging 31.modeling her new clothes 32.gorgeous mid century 33.view 34.she keeps me humble cut 36.trumpet practice we roll on a saturday night 38.10pm snack 39.flea market find










Instagram Recap





















































































































 movie date, Hugo, A-mazing flashcards 3.prepping to make kale chips 4.better than potato chips, no joke 5.2 minutes later 6.lunch date 7.dancewear 8.wish i had her hair worship night snack 10.happy 11.drums 12.ramen 13.kindergarten art lesson 14. happy boy him 16.homework woes 17.oven baked fried chicken 18.crazy hair day 19.tried to sneak away for some quiet time, guess who followed night fireside this necklace 22.started Downton Abbey season 1 23.working 24.library trip 25.nighttime snack of freshly baked bread and sun butter 26.more Downton Abbey 27.someone’s thrilled with the new Legos line 28.workout buddy 29.more homework

Our Week In Instagrams

































































































































1.after 3 fun weeks of winter break, the backpacks came out again mode of transportation for a few days, my feet 3.library volunteer fun blog/business cards 5.she finally outgrew some 4T clothes 6.found this eucalyptus she snipped from my dining room arrangement sitting in my good crystal on her window sill very appropriate reading material for the long wait at the post office 8.lady in black 9.aaron’s sprained ankle from snowboarding clothes detailing in prep for selling 12.making videos taxes complete, now on to personal taxes 14.yummy dinner of rainbow pasta, chicken sausage and fresh broccoli 15.vintage floral 16.picking out school clothes the night before 17.and wearing them 18.he’s pretty proud to be compost captain this week at school 19.torture 20.lunch with my grandparents 21.preparing my favorite black bean salsa 22.homemade pizza night 23.with toppings 24.somebody is a fan 25.the game of life pirate/fishing boots 27.a very empty keychain after selling our yukon 28.more yummy black bean salsa 29.fondue present(thanks peter and heather!) keys to replace old ones 31.more torture 32.snacks for golden globe watching

last week’s instagrams

Before our trip here’s my Instagrams for the week

1.curly hair longer for 3 months 3.winter break kids party 4.face painting 5.gunnar’s 10 yr checkup 6.dinner 7.just finished 8.mammoth reading material 9.returned home to find apple’s replacement nano in the mail for our 1st generation recalled one 10.a very bare fridge 11.reuniting with this boy after 5 days.

Mammoth in Instagrams

We returned this weekend from our annual trek to Mammoth for skiing and snowboarding. This is our 4th year traveling with the same family and by now we have the system down pat. We divide up the meals, the kids get along perfectly. In fact, I don’t recall a single argument amongst the children. I do recall me yelling at my own children several times to stop getting too distracted and eat their food, or get dressed, or go take a shower. But when they are having that much fun it kind of falls to the wayside. We stayed in a different condo this year, but it worked out great, a little older, but an extra bedroom, all in all, success! I was so proud of my kids this trip. After day 1 of all day lessons, Sawyer requested he be put back in class the following day, for another full day. By the end of the second day his teacher had taken him on a chair lift and he had minimal falls. According to Sawyer he was the best in his class. Yay for my newly minted snowboarder! Greta tears up the mountain, a little too fast for my taste, and Gunnar is right there beside us. The kids all know that at least for the first day they will be in classes, then they know the second day they can choose class or being with us. It’s an exhausting trip though to say the least. Each night the adults all wonder how they will make it from the couch to their beds. And by the second night, forget it, advil is passed around to all. The kids crash between 7-7:30 each night after being on the lifts. We eat, we ski, we eat, we sleep. With a little crafting in between for the kids, and puzzles and games. If you can believe, I only took about a dozen photos with my big camera. It stayed pretty much in it’s bag all week. But I did take a bunch with my iPhone and another point and shoot that Aaron was in charge of. So I have video and some more photos to load as well. I’ll put a little video together as well to keep with my one video/vacation goal. But here’s my Instagrams from the vacation.

1.packed and ready to road trip it outta here 2. open road 3. driver 4. our kids are definitely getting older, we managed to drive 3 straight hours before our first pit stop in lone pine for subway 5. getting our rentals 6. checking out the mountain 7. hot chocolate in the lodge 8. dressing chaos, getting 5 kids dressed for lessons, fed, and out the door by 8:30am is a feat 9. first run of the day 10. oh crap 11. yep, the aftermath 12. my little hard core skier 13. crafting time while dinner is made 14. how greta likes to take a break, and my cute boarders 15. hams 16. adult time 17. time for the road again