End of Summer Luau

A few weekends ago I headed down to Orange County with my mom, Sawyer and Greta for an end of summer luau at Jane’s. The kids had a blast, the weather turned out to be beautiful, delicious food (as always!), and lots and lots of bouncing. My camera was being glitchy so I kept it home and just snapped with my iPhone.


High Tea

One other to do on my list before Greta started school was take her to her first official high tea. Technically it’s not her first because when she was a year old she dined at the Bel Air Hotel for high tea. But I’m not counting that since she was just a babe. No one enjoys a high tea more than my mom so the 3 of us headed out to the new Montage in Beverly Hills. They even serve a kiddie high tea with pb&j, nutella, and grilled cheese as the little sandwiches. She enjoyed a delicious hot chocolate instead of tea and a nice cold ‘mocktail’. She got all dressed up and was an angel. Sat perfectly, held her cup delicately, and was quite enamored with the little spoons, forks and knives. She aligned them up just so many a times this afternoon.


sunday edition

We are so happy all of our east coast friends and family are fine and the hurricane didn’t meet expectations. Over here it’s been hot, hot hot. We spent the weekend doing a whole lot of work. Not work work, well, except Aaron worked all Friday evening. But actual unpaid work for the most part. We got a whole lot of house projects completed. Although I wish I could report that the inside of my home had the same attention as the outside, but that didn’t quite happen.

Aaron worked on Saturday at the renovation of our local Kingdom Hall. He always ends up with the really hard manual labor work. But secretly he loves it. I think he will be quite sad as soon as he is too old to handle the jack hammer. All I had to do was bake for the crew’s breakfast. Easy peasy. The kids and I spent the day working outside. They took turns helping me paint the adirondack chairs that seem like the never ending project. But alas, I finished the last chair today. They played outside almost the entire day, and then after lunch I decided to blow up several dozen water balloons to cool them off. That turned into a water squirter fight as soon as the balloons were used up, which then turned into a water bowl throwing fight as soon as the squirters broke, which then just turned into hosing each other down.

I did manage to sneak off to see Crazy Stupid Love, which was great. I am a huge Ryan Gosling fan, and that guy can really play any character. Sunday we took a family field trip to Home Depot. Does everyone get as excited as I get when they go there? The possibilities are endless! We picked up the supplies to finish our outdoor lounge/firepit area. And I’m thrilled to report it’s complete. We spent the afternoon on that project, with me painting the final chair while Aaron did the fire pit while the kids created elaborate train systems on the ground around us. This evening Aaron and I are off to a dinner for The City School. We have our final week of summer this week and I’m cringing just thinking of sending them all back. We are going to make the most out of the time left. Pictures to follow some time later this week. And I promise to post photos of a very very cute Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Ms. Greta had.


hawaii day eight

Our final day in Paradise we asked the kids what they wanted to do, and they responded with “go to a new beach”. So we obliged. We went to a popular snorkeling beach and spent half of the day swimming and boogie boarding and searching for crabs.

Every afternoon I would make smoothies for everyone, which is our tradition on any vacation, or pretty much any given summer day. The local market had amazing fruit and I bought frozen spinach and Hawaiian spirulina, kefir, juice, and so we were good to go. I have to admit I make the best taste tasting and healthiest smoothies of all time. I also found these cute little umbrellas to make them extra fancy.

No vacation is complete with a good old fashioned water fight. Unfortunately for Aaron, he still is no match for my dad. Even with the flippers on.

One final sunset.

Goodbye Paradise